arcade cabinetVersus-DB.com is an online platform, specifically designed for fans of fighting video games. This unique site catalogs the moves and techniques from over a hundred games, thus offering an invaluable resource for players looking to hone their skills or simply discover new titles. Thanks to meticulous work and unwavering devotion, Versus-DB.com has been developed to be extremely accessible, ensuring a smooth user experience even on mobile devices. This ease of use makes the site ideal for quick consultations between game sessions, allowing players to quickly find the information they need, wherever they are. The development of Versus-DB.com is the result of several years of hard work by a passionate developer, who took the initiative to create a comprehensive resource from scratch. By designing an intuitive user interface and organizing a rich and detailed database, the site's creator has managed to turn a personal passion into a valuable tool for the entire community of fighting game players. This project, which started as a simple hobby, has become a must-have reference for players around the world, demonstrating the impact a determined individual can have in the vast universe of video games.

How was this platform born?

arcade cabinetThis is the third time I have launched this project, after failing on previous attempts. In 2017, I first embarked on this but found it very challenging to gather all the available information on fighting games. I spent a lot of time collecting data before giving up. In 2019, I tried again, this time going much further with a first mobile application in Ionic React. However, I encountered a problem. The Apple Store did not validate my application, although I had no problems with the Google Store. I gave up again, but this time, I kept all the data I had already gathered about the games. In 2024, I motivated myself to finish this project. Initially, it was intended for mobile, but eventually, I opted for a WebApp that would be accessible everywhere.

Who am I?

arcade cabinetYou can call me Aluzed, I was born in the 1980s and I am a fan of video games. I grew up near arcade rooms and spent my time training to be able to play as long as possible on the machines with the least amount of money. I started working on my techniques to one credit fighting games. Over time, I learned to meet people much stronger than me. As I started working, I gradually drifted away from my passion for fighting games. Deep down I still love them just as much, but I no longer have as much time to play. By realizing this project, I keep this little flame in me for these games that I love so much. And I hope to share this passion with you. You can follow me on social media to talk about games or my projects. I am a developer, I code most of my time.